Coming eclipse occurred on Tuesday Daytime 's .

Coming eclipse occurred on Tuesday Daytime 's .

Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) , the moon will be between the earth and the sun. As a result , the sun will be closed , resulting in a phenomenon referred to as a solar eclipse .

In Indonesia , the eclipse will be visible tomorrow as partial solar eclipse . Sun will look like new once -bitten apple .

A total of 62 districts / cities spread over six provinces attract potential witness this astronomical phenomenon .

Coming eclipse occurred on Tuesday Daytime 's
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Six provinces in question is the Special Region of Yogyakarta , Central Java , East Java , Bali , West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara.

While a number of districts / cities , among others Wonosari , Wates , Bantul , WONOGIRI , Banyuwangi , Jember , Gianyar, Denpasar , Mataram , Manado, Waingapu , Waikabubak , and Baa .

Sudibyo Ma'rufin amateur astronomers say , the duration of the eclipse varies for each region . Length is the longest eclipse in Baa , ie for 64 minutes.

The best time to witness the eclipse peak also varies, but ranges between the hours of 13:59 to 14:06 to western Indonesia and 15:07 to 15:21 for the Indonesian middle .

Meanwhile, the large surface of the sun is " bitten " by the moon, the eclipse magnitude is referred to , also vary.

For Indonesia , the solar eclipse tomorrow magnitude ranging from 0.2 to 7.6 percent . This means that only 0.2 to 7.6 percent of the disk of the sun covered the moon.

On the basis of that magnitude , Ma'rufin say that tomorrow will be difficult to eclipse observed. Observations should be made with good-quality telescope .

Solar eclipse tomorrow is the first eclipse in 2014 . Their rightful , tomorrow is the phenomenon of solar eclipse ring .

Said ring solar eclipse because the most optimal location to witness the phenomenological peak , the sun will be visible only koronanya .

Ring solar eclipse occurs when the distance of the earth , moon, and sun are located on a straight line, but the distance between the earth and the sun fall away .

Due to the distance of the earth and the sun is out, the shadow of the moon will not fall in the core of the Earth , but at one point in space.

Falling on the surface of the earth is the shadow of the additional ( atumbra ) . In the region of the solar eclipse is visible ring .

For tomorrow , ring solar eclipse can only be seen in the northern region of Antarctica. Top of the eclipse will occur at 13:03 pm.

According to amateur astronomers Ma'rufin Sudibyo , in Antarctica , as big as the sun disc will be closed 98.68 months. The sun will appear to be 77 percent more somber than usual.

While Indonesia saw a solar eclipse in part because the region is away penumbra , not atumbra .

For Indonesians who want to see tomorrow eclipses , Ma'rufin contacted on Monday ( 04/28/2014 ) , say , most practical way is to join the community nearest astronomy .

Some communities are called observational astronomy among others Jogja Astro Club , Astronomy Club Surabaya , Surakarta Observatory As-Salam , and Lajnah Falakiyyah East Java.

Ma'rufin not organize observations by gazing at the sun directly or indirectly by gazing at the reflection of sunlight on the calm waters .

According Ma'rufin , observations directly or indirectly dangerous due to the potential damage the eyesight .

Observations with telescopes not fitted with filters the sun is dangerous. With a telescope that is not equipped with a filter, which caught the sunlight 100 times greater than what would later direct observation .

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Victims of Sexual Abuse in JIS Is Not Going To School

Victims of Sexual Abuse in JIS is not going to school
Victims of Sexual Abuse in JIS is not going to school

AK ( 6 ) , victims of sexual harassment janitor at the Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , still traumatized . Until now , he reluctantly school .

" He does not want to meet anyone . Unwilling to school anymore , " said Secretary General of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) , Erlinda , after meeting with the JIS , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

AK no longer attending school since the case was known to his parents . According to Erlinda , AK trauma inflicted on the school 's janitor .

To that end , KPAI recommend AK continued his studies at home , or undergo homeschooling .

" Recommendations of KPAI is handsome brother is supplied homeschooling let the brother go to school . Hopefully , this handsome brother yes could be a good boy , stay in school , " said Erlinda .

Previously , AK , which is based on a medical examination herpes , experience pain as a result of the sexual harassment . He also often delirious during sleep .

" Stop ! Do not do that! Go away from me ! " AK cried when delirious as told by her mother on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

The mother said the school janitor was always waiting for AK to urinate in the toilet of the school . It is immoral punishment for the boy pee out of place .

After a few times through the immoral acts , AK said no longer want to receive such treatment .

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SMK 3 Tegal Explores cooperation with Korea

In order to establish cooperation ( Sister School ) with Korea , recently head of SMK Negeri 3 Tegal , Ibn Hajar Devantoro visit to Korea . Visits were made to a solicitation Directorate Technical Vocational High School , with 21 head of SMK international school ( RSBI ) in Indonesia . Visits were made last May 17 to 24 .  Visited a number of places like Ulsan Technology High School who has a lot in common in terms of skills programs ( majors ) with 3 SMK Tegal . The same skills that the program architecture , computer networking , automotive , and multimedia . In addition the group also visited the factory Hyundai , LG , Samsung and Kimchi School .  Related assessment as a sister school still faces obstacles . Ulsan Technology High School requested that the agreement ( MoU ) between schools that do not . But between government to government ( G to G ) . Another constraint is the Koreans could not speak English so that Indonesian students have to speak Korean . " If it is established MoU , students of SMK Negeri 3 Tegal will receive local content Korean lessons start grade 1 , " he said .  source : 3 Tegal Explores cooperation with Korea ---In order to establish cooperation ( Sister School ) with Korea , recently head of SMK Negeri 3 Tegal , Ibn Hajar Devantoro visit to Korea . Visits were made to a solicitation Directorate Technical Vocational High School , with 21 head of SMK international school ( RSBI ) in Indonesia . Visits were made last May 17 to 24 .

Visited a number of places like Ulsan Technology High School who has a lot in common in terms of skills programs ( majors ) with 3 SMK Tegal . The same skills that the program architecture , computer networking , automotive , and multimedia . In addition the group also visited the factory Hyundai , LG , Samsung and Kimchi School .

Related assessment as a sister school still faces obstacles . Ulsan Technology High School requested that the agreement ( MoU ) between schools that do not . But between government to government ( G to G ) . Another constraint is the Koreans could not speak English so that Indonesian students have to speak Korean . " If it is established MoU , students of SMK Negeri 3 Tegal will receive local content Korean lessons start grade 1 , " he said .

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Great .. Students of SMK 3 Tegal Ships Successfully Making Tourism

Great .. Students of SMK 3 Tegal Ships Successfully Making Tourism
Great .. Students of SMK 3 Tegal Ships Successfully Making Tourism

Students SMK 3 Tegal , managed to produce tourist boats ( KW ) type of Pioneer 01 , which was prepared for the local municipal government program " Tegal Maritime " . Ship which the body is made of fiber that has a length of 7.5 meters , width of 2.3 meters , a height of 1 meter above the surface of the water , a maximum passenger capacity of 20 people . The vessel is done by 20 students and 1 teacher mentors .

" The ship was doing since 3 months ago , till now it is 75 percent of the work completed . Possibility to cover everything it took about another 15 days " , said Abdul Kodir Junedi tutor , when found , Saturday ( 02/23/2013 ) ago .

Shipbuilding that has a speed of 18 miles per hour it cost Rp 125 million was funded from the school . According to the Head of SMK 3 Tegal , Hajar Devantoro Spd , make ship concept is based Tegal Maritime inspiration . The students are encouraged to be able to make maximum use of the actual existence of the sea very large potential storage and utilization is still low . People tend to work on the mainland , while still utilizing little sea .

" For this reason our students are directed to make ship travel , can later be used for the tourists who love the sea , " said Devantoro .

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SMK 3 Tegal

SMK 3 Tegal
smk n 3 tegal
SMK 3 Tegal is one vocational high school in the town of Tegal . SMKN3 located across the Telkom branch offices Tegal , exactly on Jl Gadjahmada no. 72D . To achieve this school is not difficult . SMK 3 is located near the center of the town of Tegal , whereas if the terminal is only 10 minutes bus ride small . Moreover, this school is located right in the main street town of Tegal , Gadjahmada road . So school is very easy to access.

SMK 3 Tegal

SMK learning system 3 Tegal ? Many people mistakenly think if SMK N 3 is a semi - military school . It looks from the clothes , haircuts , etc. that resemble the military . Though it has been explained solely by the student , Eko Haryanto , that school is " not " semi - military school or military . It's just discipline in this school system adheres to naval discipline . Yes , here is the student adviser of naval Tegal , such Tasiman , Mukartono , Badrun , and others . Regarding uniforms navy was similar , because the first majors in SMKN3 is majoring in marine . So inevitably, became a school formals as naval uniform . But most importantly , school SMK N 3 is not military or semi - military because here are not taught military science at all .

smk 3 tegals
SMK 3 MOS atmosphere Tegal ( no stray Caucasians tuh )

Achievement SMK 3 Tegal ? To my knowledge this CMS was built in 2001. Means that as of this writing , 3 SMK 11 years old . Make no mistake , though still young , SMK 3 already has a myriad of achievements that may be achieved just 20 -year -old school . Almost all the championships in various fields has been successfully achieved by pupils SMKN3 , ranging from academic to non - academic . Achievement is the highest ever achieved 1st place youth academic national level . While the non - academic achievements as an athlete , martial arts , etc. are no longer counted in number . Every year there are bound to win the race in a non - academic fields . No wonder so many people say SMK Negeri 3 is a school of champions .

3 SMK majoring in Tegal ? Here there are seven majors to choose from , namely NKPI ( nautical fishing vessels ) , TKPI ( Teknika fishing vessels ) , MO ( automotive mechanic ) , TSM ( motorcycle engineering ) , GB ( image building or architect ) , MM ( multimedia ) , and TKJ ( computer network engineering ) .

I myself majored TKJ . Here I learned about computers ranging from software , hardware , computer networks up . I was glad to learn here , because here has never been a shortage of tools to practice . Likewise with the other majors , here is rarely heard any complaints shortage practice tool . That there is lack of food , hehehe .

It was just a little bit of my story about 3 SMK Negeri Tegal . If you have questions , please be written directly in the comment box .

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New Sex Tips For Brides in order to reduce Pain

New Sex Tips For Brides in order to reduce Pain
from google
New Sex Tips For Brides in order to reduce Pain

What haunts your mind when you hear the word first night ? Yes , most people will think about the first night was painful . Really? There are several things that need to be about some of the best sex positions with your partner . Maybe you're the type of person who prefers to practice , not a theory , which means that you would prefer to direct the practice of having sex with a partner , without finding out first about safe sex positions and no pain during the night pertaa . They should also know before you start for your first night . Here are some sex positions that do not hurt when the first night .

Pain arising While First Night - Why ?

It is one of the classic mystery story about the first night . Some couples who recently married his wife complained about experiencing pain . It is very reasonable for the first time . Many couples also feel pain when trying to have sex with a partner . This would be very uncomfortable for both partners . This is because the sense of tension and fear dai both pikan before sex . If you feel tense , contractions of the muscles around the hip and the vagina become tense so when it reacts to any stimulus will be sore . Try to relax and relax while starting penetration and do not assume that it will be painful . In addition , you and your spouse forgot to do foreplay or heating . Similar to a car without preheated dijalaknan will experience hot and even going on strike during the middle of the journey . This is because the machine was shocked to receive a stimulus that suddenly and heat . As a result, the engine will be quickly damaged and dead easy . Likewise with during sex . You and a partner must warm up before starting to have sex . Just like when you eat at the restaurant , you will enjoy appetizers first before enjoying the main menu .

Best position for Beginners
If you have to understand how to have sex that is safe and comfortable by warming or foreplay beforehand , you can now start to look for some ways on sex positions to avoid pain during the first night you and your partner . Here are some sex positions that did not hurt at the beginning of lovemaking :

1 . Sideways

This way you can do when you will begin to have sex the first time . With this position you can hug your partner so that you will feel comfortable while doing it . Having sex with a cuddle will make you and your partner become closer and get to know each other while having sex .

2 . Missionary

It is one of the classical position in sex , but this is still the position is you in love . You will easily experience the penetration so that you and your husband will feel the incredible pleasure together .

3 . Sitting Faced

If you begin to feel relaxed , you 'll feel an incredible sensation with your partner . This position is also a favorite position for some couples beginner . All you need to do is trust your partner when you do this position .

Those are some tips on how to avoid pain sex positions during sex the first time .

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" The sheer imaging Jokowi , Dolls , wishy - washy , Foreign Antek , Corruptor , although a win would later voters disappointed ! "

Many say like that and believe that Jokowi is like that . Let us discuss one by one it is :

A. Jokowi Imaging Alone !

Jokowi image is skyrocketing . All the media covered it . Jokowi squat , tie shoes , enter the gutter , scratch your head , riding a bike , whatever the media reported . Jokowi work , the media followed . No wonder his popularity skyrocketed , so Jokowi media darling . Jokowi Wrong ? Is Jokowi empty pepesan be fed for imaging ? Let 's look a little trip and what Jokowi .

Since becoming Mayor of Solo and Solo managed to change the mayor was re-elected a second time without a big campaign , no billboards and posters everywhere Jokowi seize more than 90 % of voters . Is there another character like this ? With this extraordinary achievement that local media would be interested and glanced at it . Achievement in Solo issuing health cards and cards for people's education , successful relocation of street vendors , bus and train travel Solo travel. 's Lips , the media looking for Jokowi .

Then Mayor of Solo 3rd best in the world was pitch Jakarta to stick with simplicity . People who had finished with himself shows his sincerity , for what it is . In contrast to existing public officials , the elegant , jaim , protocols and maintain a distance . He became the antithesis , the media is very interested in the different figures and this strong character . Jokowi not have the media , but Jokowi friendly with the media . He is good at making the media free public relations .

With the exciting battle that overshadowed the issue of sara , Jokowi Ahok along with the admiration of the citizens of Jakarta . He also became DKI - 1 . The first day he took office immediately " blusukan " , the media certainly happy making news . It's different officials , took to the streets , in direct contact with the people . People love him , the media continued to follow his movements . All media , various reactions from other officials and observers . Some praised , some booed , as Jokowi not care . He remained blusukan .

Then What Blusukannya results ?

1 . Services in the ranks of city government changed completely , becoming customer oriented , there is clearly a Key Performance Indicatornya , fast , responsive , clean and orderly . You can see straight to the counter village / district to the mayor . Not satisfied with the physical conditions are changed , you can ask the people who come there , if the service becomes better or worse ? It's real blusukan results .

2 . Pluit Reservoir and Reservoir Ria Rio laid out . Residents relocated to adequate towers , were given free facilities fridge , TV , happy people . There provocateur / thugs who got angry rental business , and even take the name Gerindra and PDI - P , all conquered Jokowi - Ahok . With communication and diplomacy eat together several times , Pluit Reservoir rundown converted into a beautiful garden and fun . Also Reservoir Ria Rio , although not fully completed but no real progress . All the news covered by the media because so valuable , these tablets official results that actually work , not imaging .

3 . Tanah Abang and thuggery . Tanah Abang is chaotic and no one ever dared to touch visited Jokowi . As a result, traders relocated street vendors , traffic congestion parsed , street vendors were given a free 6 months and assisted promotion . Only Jokowi - Ahok crush thugs who dare openly . Haji Lulung unopposed , Hercules was arrested . Are there any other official or dare firmly combat against thugs ? Thugs disciplined and channeled or look for a job / income , this would be an interesting news media .

4 . Banh times dredged massive . At the edge of time made ​​the road inspection . Residents relocated gradually to the flat because a lot of that had to be relocated . But the real run , no real progress . Decades without any real action , however quietly Jokowi do hard work and blusukan democracy through diplomacy . The media of course also want to proclaim this .

5 . Jakarta Health Card ( KJS ) and Jakarta Smart Card ( KJP ) . Without lingering directly dilaunch the pro-people programs . Here and there is still much to be improved , but this is a real help people . RS complaint because it is more troublesome than the previous program , Jamkesda . Jamkesda , people have to be bothered with this list it is . The doctors also felt paid less and less appropriate , some cards are considered misplaced. All complaints heard were evaluated , but the program continues to run and give blessing to the people . The frenzy did not escape the news . Jokowi open course with all of that.

6 . Kampung series . Early reaction to the launch of many slum residents rejection of the city for fear of being evicted . After the success of the village and petogogan series of high ground , now all 'm built Kampung series . The series is a free program hometown home improvement citizens and the environment by funding 54 jt per home . Managed with local people . Not only their homes and are now pretty decent , behavioral changes towards hygiene villagers also evident to a better direction . You can refer directly to the site of the Village series and asked people there .

7 . Overcoming Congestion . MRT project already made ​​plans for years but continue unhindered by the automotive industry , Jokowi was bold and immediately execute . He also openly said : " I just execute because the existing blue print of earlier times . " Busway bus procurement was added . Metromini and other transportation that enables integrated . However, the MRT project does take a long time , Jokowi - Ahok openly say it.

8 . Budget rose nearly 2-fold . In 2013 city budget 47 T opened transparency , the public can access directly . And with these funds Jokowi - Ahok free to give facilities to the people like KJS , KJP , additional Busway , relocation of residents to the towers , etc. . In 2014 the budget increased to 72 T. interior minister who had clashed eventually lift the cap on Jokowi .

9 . Thing other . There are still a lot of work Jokowi other as in the field of art and culture , such as festivals and carnivals held in Jakarta , Betawi requires the use of clothing on Friday , followed by London and other areas , building and renovation of the terminal with a character Jakarta ( project Manggarai Terminal pilot has been completed ) , the tour bus, the revitalization of the old town had begun , etc. .

Media follow , covering the media . Yes because Jokowi deserved to be covered , the real continued to work for the people of the city , still with its simplicity , openness . Try to compare it with the figures who controlled the media , and utilizing the media for advertising themselves . Is it the same effect ? Do Jokowi imaging alone or former leaders and media owners who do imaging ? You can own analysis based on the facts I have presented above .

B. Jokowi Dolls

Jokowi accused of Megawati doll . Even the photo circulating Jokowi sling fabric for Megawati became Jokowi require presidential approval . Jokowi had to be carried by the party to be president . And Jokowi slowly conquered Mega . At the time of going to be the Governor of Jakarta , Mega actual and PDI - P will only be running for vice governor . Jokowi emphatically said : " If not DKI - 1 I better stay in Solo " , or flatly refused . And finally Mega and PDI - P also agreed to carry Jokowi be DKI - 1 .

Jokowi was emphatic when it comes to disagreements with the Governor of Central Java which is actually his boss Seed Waluyo fellow PDI - P cadres when he was Mayor of Solo . But he remained polite , did not show any hostility over the difference principle . Jokowi are great communicators , not at all the type dolls but potent strategies and communications .

Instead Prabowo through nominate Gerindra Jakarta Governor Jokowi finished 2012 with the hope he will be supported by Jokowi become candidates in 2014. However Jokowi loyal to the people and the nation , do not want to be a puppet anyone . So beranglah Prabowo when Jokowi finally ready to become a candidate through the PDI - P , Prabowo felt betrayed . Party Gerindra also the President doll spreading rumors . Again, opponents are spreading rumors .

Special Prabowo , once so it does look a panic attack with a barrage of Slate Agreement , puppet satire poetry , etc. mannered origin . So Jokowi always countered by the opposite issue with the evidence . Like the above image which in actual fact is the image formed by itself and also stuffed precisely because he does not want to be a puppet anyone , including the PDI - P and Megawati .

C. Jokowi wishy - Plan

Just two years he served in Solo so jump Jakarta Governor , one and a half year jump was Governor want to be President . This is not a commitment to duty and hungry or greedy for power . Is that so ?

If you are doing well in school , on top schools there are now accelerated classes that accommodate gifted children and is able to learn faster than the average . With acceleration faster kids graduate and go up the class . Now Jokowi too, because he quickly climbed grade achievement . Or try to position your company as an employee was promoted to head of the division , you are sworn to work in earnest and fix any shortcomings . In 2 years you outstanding performance , and then asked to become directors by shareholders ( in case of Jokowi , shareholders are the people of Indonesia ) . Menolakkah you ? Of course not , right?

Well that makes this issue even are those people or parties that hot . Because if Jokowi nyapres then another small chance of winning . So in many ways done , various rumors made ​​to Jokowi not be president . Let's look at the facts and smarter issue .

D. Foreign Jokowi Antek

Confused out of bullets , then counterposed the issue Jokowi Foreign Antek . Example, Jokowi after a while was inducted into the Governor , flocked foreign ambassador wants to meet him and offer assistance to Jakarta . But I've seen / read there are governors who dared to reject the offer of assistance from the U.S. government . He politely said that there is currently no need for assistance from the U.S. . See news compass June 5, 2013 . From this it appears that Jokowi do not want and are not easily controlled by foreigners even with the lure of relief .

E. Jokowi Corruptor

Transparent budget draft , which was opened to the public , even stating imitate Capital Commission for budget transparency has broken its own allegations. Case did he open the rusty bus is transparent with Ahok , even asking the Commission to investigate this matter in the government of Jakarta .

Jokowi with Ahok build e - budgeting system , auction system is bureaucratic and a potential game much cut to the e - catalog . And a series of administrative fixes problems that lead to openness . Jokowi - Ahok only shows his salary in public , as well as a transparent tax paid .

Jokowi clearly loved by his people as clean of corruption , proven track record . But it also made ​​accusations that contrary to reality . If Jokowi eliminated precisely the corrupt who will rejoice .

F. If Elected I'll voters may Disappointed After One Year As SBY

Jokowi different from the SBY . Jokowi imaging is not empty . Jokowi good image because it's a good performance , proven to work hard for the people , restore the people's rights to education , health, food and shelter .

Jokowi chosen both times by residents sound Solo with more than 90 % without the frenetic campaign , without billboards and posters in the street . He is more and even more loved by his people . Until now, people still love the Solo .

Similarly, residents of Jakarta , is pleased to encourage this kind become a presidential candidate . With the hope of faster jakarta problems completed with the involvement of the center , and also can improve not only Jakarta but throughout Indonesia .

Imagine the city budget is now 72 T , while only about 40 times Bowo 's and inarticulate where the budget flight . In 2013 amounted to 47 T was opened to the public by Jokowi - Ahok . Now 72 T was also opened to the public in transparent , people can keep an eye on . What if Jokowi got the chance to lead this country ? Well , Indonesia will become a rich country again because we are a rich country that has been robbed away by officials and the corrupt Parliament .

G. Closing

I am no relationship with Jokowi and especially PDI - P . I hope Indonesia ordinary people change for the better . I'm just the son of a fighter 45 . I feel compelled to defend fought a good character and is not fooled by the ruse , the corrupt provocateurs and unscrupulous politicians .

We must save this Jokowi best figures . Do not be easily provoked by those who disturbed his interests or party because of corruption can not anymore . Not necessarily like this we can figure the next 50 years . Jokowi is not a god , he certainly is no shortage as a human being . There may also be a lot of people as good or Jokowi , but now that is in sight and dare to be the only presidential candidate Jokowi . Is there currently a better than Jokowi ?

Let's unite our ranks fighting for a better Indonesia . Great Indonesian . If we become a part of this struggle , one day we will be proud to children , grandchildren , great-grandchildren us that we become part of the struggle to change for the better Indonesia . Indonesian Great! Insha Allah . Save Jokowi . # JKW4P !

Jokowi do not want to share power or ration minister and remain principled : " Allowing the right , instead of the usual justify " Jokowi do not want to be hostage coalition older models . Who want to join monggo unconditional besides one 's vision and mission to build new Indonesia , Indonesia Superb .

source: )

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Profile Biography Jokowi 7th Indonesian President

foto jokowi presiden profil biografi
from ;
Profile Biography Jokowi 7th Indonesian President

 Ir . H. Joko Widodo , who was born in Surakarta , June 21, 1961 better known by the nickname Jokowi is a furniture businessman and he is the Mayor of Surakarta (Solo ) twice during the service period 2005-2015 . In his tenure , he represented F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo as vice mayor . At that time, he was nominated the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle . In 2012 , he along with Ir . Tjahaja Basuki Purnama , M.M. ( Ahok ) forward as a candidate for governor and vice governor of Jakarta .

Biodata Jokowi - Joko Widodo :

Name : H.Joko Widodo ( Jokowi )
TTL : Surakarta , June 21, 1961
Wife: Iriana
Children :
Gibran Rakabuming ( 25 ) , a graduate of the University in Australia and Singapore
Kahiyang Ayu ( 21 ) , student of the State University of March
Kaesang Pangarep ( 17 ) , a student in Singapore

Education :
SDN 111 Tirtoyoso , Solo
SMPN1 Solo
SMAN 6 Solo
Faculty of Forestry ( graduated in 1985 )

Personal awards :
10 Figures in 2008 by Tempo Magazine
March Surakarta State University Award
Bung Hatta Anticorruption Award ( 2010)
Charta Politica Award ( 2011)
Mayor example of the Ministry of the Interior ( 2011)

Leadership in a Time of Solo Jokowi :
Cities with the Best Spatial - 2 in Indonesia
Cups and Charter Citra Bhakti Abdi State of the President of the Republic of Indonesia (2009 ) , for the city 's performance in the provision of public services , Deregulation Policy , Enforcement and Management Development Services Discipline
Citra Cup Field Service Excellence by the National Administrative Reform Minister of the Republic of Indonesia (2009 )
Award from the Ministry of Finance in the form of a grant of 19.2 billion for the implementation of good financial management (2009 )
Unicef ​​Award for Child Protection Program (2006 )
Indonesia Tourism Award 2009 in the category Best Destination dariDepartemen Indonesian Culture and Tourism RIbekerjasama with SWA magazine .
Solo awards as a business incubator and technology ( 2010) from the Association of Indonesian Business Incubators ( AIBI )
Grand Award Public Service Sector Education (2009 )
5 times rides Tata Nugraha Award ( 2006-2011 ) - Find Traffic Rules and Public Transport
Mangala Karya Bhakti Husada award Arutala from MOH (2009 )
Travelers Favorite City in 2010 in Indonesia Tourism Award 2010 organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism .
Solo City Government awarded the city / county SMEs developer best version of March aka State University UNS SME 's Awards 2012
Award from the President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as one of the best cities to realize the development program organizers Child Friendly City ( KLA ) in 2011 .
Blue Sky Award 2011 from the Ministry of Environment for the category of cities with the cleanest air quality
Award from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in the field of Innovation Pioneers of Prime Services ( 2010) .
The new governor of Jakarta , Joko Widodo has a unique childhood story . Small Jokowi had felt the bitterness of his home when displaced . Jokowi childhood colored jokes and laughter , punctuated by occasional cries . Tenement at the same place his father in the lumber business Cinderejo Lor , evicted and be the center of travel services . The mother said that smaller Jokowi is a figure of quiet , but sociable . Many people know Jokowi as always succumb , to avoid a fight . The attitude Jokowi inherited from both parents who always taught the meaning of sincere and responsible .

In contrast to most children , Jokowi always walk to school , while others showcase the latest bicycle . According Jokowi that time , the school is not too far from home , so the walk was not a problem . Jokowi demonstrated devotion to parents not only through attitude , but also a number of achievements . When I became mayor of Solo to be the Governor of Jakarta , the people who knew him never thought small Joko life journey . Jokowi figure greatly loved by his people . Support Solo residents not vanished , including the current advanced Jokowi become Governor of Jakarta . The carpenter's son too, has now become the number one in Jakarta .

Small Jokowi is the son of a " carpenter " . After he graduated from high school , then continued his studies at the Faculty of Forestry, Gadjah Mada University . After graduating from college in 1985, he migrated to the province and work in one of the SOE . Then he returned to work at the Company Solo and engaged in the timber , CV . Teak wheel . Having had enough , in 1998 , he stopped working on the CV and start his own business capital of the experience he had ever had. With hard work , perseverance and tenacity , Jokowi finally managed to grow its business and become an exporter of furniture .

Jokowi earned an engineering degree from the Faculty of Forestry in 1985 . When running for mayor , many doubt the ability of a man who is a merchant 's house and garden furniture up even when he was elected . In 2005 , Mr. Jokowi decided to run for Mayor of Solo with PDI political party as his political vehicle . He eventually was elected as Mayor of Solo . During his leadership , the Solo much progress . A year after he led , many progressive breakthrough made ​​by him . He took the example of the development of many cities in Europe he often visited in order to drive business.

Under his leadership , the Solo would change rapidly . Branding for the city of Solo performed by agreeing Solo slogan is " Solo: The Spirit of Java " . Progressive steps does enough for the size of the cities in Java : he was able to relocate the junk dealer in Park Banjarsari almost no turbulence to revitalize the function of open green spaces , giving requirements on investors to want to think about the public interest , conduct routine direct and open communication ( broadcast by local television ) with the community . Balekambang parks , abandoned since abandoned by its organizer , maketh the park . Jokowi also did not hesitate to dismiss the investors who did not agree with the principle of leadership .

As a follow-up branding Surakarta he filed to become a member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities and received in 2006 . Stride continued with success Surakarta to host the organization's conference in October 2008. In 2007 Surakarta also has hosted the World Music Festival ( FMD ) which was held at the Fort complex Vastenburg threatened to be evicted the business and shopping center . FMD in 2008 was held in the Palace complex Mangkunegaran . By Tempo Magazine , Joko Widodo was elected as one of " 10 People of 2008 "

Mayor solo humility is not made ​​up. Work for the Solo, Jokowi is a leader who is very concerned with their lives . In the hallway markets and streets in the city of Solo , Mr. Jokowi often talk and listen to people's complaints without distance . There is one fact that is very surprising , Jokowi has never taken a salary for serving as a mayor and a car that he used as the official car of this time only " legacy " official car of his predecessor , Mr Slamet Suryanto .

At the election of Mayor 2010-2015 , Pak Jokowi won 90 % of voters . It was a fantastic leader who truly loved the people . Esemka car , he was one of those who dare to wear and pioneer . Jokowi also encourage students automaker Esemka when the car is not pass the emissions test . He was asked by Jusuf Kalla to run for Governor of DKI Jakarta in the Gubernatorial Election in 2012 and paired with Tjahaja Basuki Purnama . He ran for Governor of DKI Jakarta in the Gubernatorial Election in 2012 and paired with Tjahaja Basuki Purnama .

Quick count conducted a number of pollsters on election day , July 11, 2012 and the day after that favor her name as the winner . The unseeded pair to win election 2012 Jakarta . In the second round of the election quick count results Indonesian Survey Institute set Jokowi- Ahok as the winner with 53.81 % . While its rival , Fauzi Bowo - Nachrowi Ramli got 46.19 % . If the result does not change until the official determination of the Election Commission of DKI Jakarta , Jokowi certainly served the 17th governor . Finally, on 29 September 2012 Jakarta Election Commission set Jokowi- Ahok as governor and vice governor of Jakarta for the new term of office 2012-2017 replaces Bowo- Prijanto .

" The person is really exceptional rustic , could win in Jakarta , " said Sutarti , Jokowi neighbors .

source :
Jokowi -

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Cerita Nyata : Wanita Bervagina Terkuat Di Dunia

Sobat Cerita Dewasa sudah tahukah dengan Cerita Nyata : Wanita Bervagina Terkuat Di Dunia. JIKA organ vital wanita biasa digunakan untuk buang air kecil serta kebutuhan biologis seperti seks dan melahirkan, maka ada yang berbeda dengan Tayana Kozhevnikovam.

cerita dewasa nyata vagina
Tayana Kozhevnikovam . foto:tabloidbintang
Gymanstis asal Rusia itu memiliki kemampuan lain yang melibatkan bagian tubuh wanita paling sensitif ini.
Tatyana memegang rekor sebagai wanita dengan vagina paling kuat dan gelar Guiness World Record untuk "Angkat beban menggunakan vagina".
Wanita ini mampu mengangkat beban seberat 30 pound atau setara 13 kilogram menggunakan vaginanya, demikian dilaporkan Counsel Heal.
Tatyana mengungkapkan bahwa pada tahun 2009, otot alat vitalnya sempat mendadak berada pada titik yang sangat lemah.
"Saya membaca buku mengenai Dao dan mempelajarai bahwa wanita jaman dahulu mengatasi hal ini menggunakan bola kayu," jelasnya.
"Saya melihat sekeliling saya dan melihat bola kaca Murano dan memasukannya ke dalam vagina. Membutuhkan waktu yang sangat lama untuk mengeluarkannya!" kisahnya.
Untuk melakukannya, ia menggunakan bola yang dibuat khusus, terdiri dari berbagai jenis beban berat untuk menguatkan otonya. Bola tersebut kemudian dimasukkan ke vagina dan dikepit menggunakan otot vagina.
Tatyana mengaku memiliki otot dalam kondisi normal layaknya wanita lain pada umumnya. "Tetapi saya mendapatkan ini setelah 20 tahun melakukan pelatihan serius."
(tika/gur) sumber

Tag : Cerita Dewasa terbaru | Kisah Birahi terbaru | Cerita Seks terbaru | Cerita Porno terbaru|Cerita Dewasa

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Final Champions 2014 Impian Ideal

Final Champions 2014 Impian Ideal --- Melihat Hasil Leg Pertama Semifinal Champions 2014 kemarin yang mempertemukan Atletico Versus Chelsea dengan hasil 0 - 0 dan Semifinal lainnya yakni Real Madrid menjamu Bayern Munchen dengan skor 1 - 0 untuk kemenangan Madrid. Rasa-rasanya Saia selaku penonton Bola yang amatiran mencoba berpendapat seputar Partai Final Impian dan Ideal dari 4 Tim Semifinalis di atas.
smk 3 tegal final champions 2014
foto :

Menurut pengamatan saia tim yang nanti layak berlaga berdasarkan penampilan dan kriteria yang lain ( posseeion statistik lainnya) tentu tak lepas dari nama Bayern Munchen dan Atletico Madrid. Meski di leg pertama Munchen kalah dari Real Madrid, namun melihat permainan Munchen yang begitu menggigit rasa-rasanya gampanglah di leg kedua nanti mereka membalas kekelahan dengan skor cukup 2 - 0. hehehe

Begitu juga dengan Atletico pun seperti itu, eh maaf ya, terpaksa taktutup dulu tulisan ini karena ada kesibukan kerja dulu, waduh. :v

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Kumpulan Puisi Cinta Terbaru

Berikut adalah Kumpulan Puisi Cinta Terbaru, buah Karya Buwel :)

Puisi Cinta Kesumat : Cintaku

Ada yang terjatuh 
Ada malam diganti Subuh
Mencintamu selamanya
Cinta di batas Cakrawala

Ada yang hangat
Dulu cinta begitu kesumat
Cintaku seperti hujan
Menyirami tak kenal kasihan

Cintaku tak kenal kasihan
Cintaku cinta kesumat

[Puisi Cinta] Tentang Kita

Kamu dan Aku sudah menyatu menjadi KITA

Kamu Sakit Aku Sakit
KITA Sakit

Aku Seneng Kamu Seneng
KITA Seneng

KITA kata yang indah


Sudah berulang-ulang
"Aku Sayang Kamu"

Sudah berulang-ulang
"Aku Sayang Kamu"

Kamu menjerit

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Pada suatu kemarin

Pada suatu kemarin kulihat kamu bersahaja Lewat mampir ke kotaku berjeans berkemeja berkotak-kotak crengas-crenges tanpa beban 
You're Rockkk!

 Pada suatu hari ini terlihat beratnya langkahmu 
Sepertinya menyanggah bebatu gunung sebanteng-banteng
 Sehingga nampak kepolosanmu terselubung barbie sapi babi entah apalagi ketika..
 Pada suatu hari nanti terrekam dibenakkugenangan darah di marmer istana dengan belati berkepala rajawali yang membisu kaku. 

blog kumpulan puisi dan artikel buwel

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